I’m Peter Bigot.  I’ve been doing software development for over 25 years in a wide range of application domains.  This site serves as a gateway to where you can find my stuff, as well as a place for me to blog about what I’m discovering as I explore new tools and problem spaces.

To support my work, I provided consulting and contracting services for the design and implementation of software-intensive systems, especially those involving POSIX (Linux) systems, network technologies, and embedded systems.  Most development uses C, C++, or Python, often leveraging open source tools and frameworks and often involving IP networking from the data/link layer up through the application layer.  Example application domains include:

  • Customized embedded Linux (Yocto) distributions, including development and porting of kernel drivers;
  • Microcontroller monitoring systems (MSP430 and ARM Cortex-M);
  • Low-power wireless sensor networks (TinyOS, Contiki, custom solutions)  using ISM-band radios and low-cost Wi-Fi chips;

My skills and interests go beyond these specific examples while remaining grounded in good software engineering practices.

I have a PhD in Computer Science, earned the IEEE Certified Software Development Professional certification in 2006, and received software architecture training from the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.  I served six years as chief architect for multi-company government contract for evolution and maintenance of legacy and new software, responsible for software development lifecycle and process as well as overall technical guidance.  A more detailed resume is available on my LinkedIn page.

Much of my recent work has been released as open source.  Potential clients are encouraged to look at BSP430 and PyXB as flagship examples. The largest collection of original and contributary work is on my github page, with a few projects still on SourceForge.

At this time I am not seeking new opportunities, but if you want to try anyway you’re welcome to contact me:

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